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Blog for Delta Protective Services

Five Years Later – Our “One Year” Commitment Continues

On February 1st, 2005 Delta Protective Services made the decision to “adopt” Weber Park at the corner of Park and Van Buren Streets, near downtown Stockton. Three times each night between the hours of 9pm and 5am uniformed officers employed by Delta Protective Services conduct vehicle patrols of the park property.

Although Delta Protective Services is not contracted by the City of Stockton to provide these patrols we voluntarily chose to adopt Weber Park after the murder of Louise DeBarrows at a North Stockton park in late 2004. At the time this murder occurred we felt strongly that Delta Protective Services should give back a measure of protection and safety to the residents of this community that has so richly blessed us over the years.

We are now celebrating the five year anniversary of the decision to adopt Weber Park. In looking through our records I found the following facts:

5475 – Individual patrols conducted at Weber Park
10,950 – Miles driven during patrols of Weber Park
312 – Gallons of fuel used during these vehicle patrols
1,368.75 – Hours of payroll allocated for patrols of Weber Park
$17,964.84 – Dollars of payroll allocated for these patrols

During patrols of Weber Park our officers have seldom witnessed criminal activity on the grounds. The few crimes our officer have witnessed were primarily people loitering or drunk in public. Delta Protective Services patrol officers are trained observers and always report criminal activity and suspicious behavior immediately to Stockton Police. The neighborhood around Weber Park continues to be challenged with various criminal activity. To counter this Stockton City Councilmember Susan Eggman organized meetings between Stockton Police and neighborhood residents in late 2009.

At Delta Protective Services We Create Safe Communities. Our employees and officers appreciate the opportunity to provide for the safety and protection of the people, property, businesses and homes of our home town, Stockton, CA.

The original press release published February 1st, 2005 is copied below:


Delta Protective Services “Adopts” Weber Park

Stockton, CA  February 1st, 2005 — Delta Protective Services will conduct a nightly patrol of Weber Park using uniformed private security officers in a marked patrol vehicle.  Weber Park is located between Park and Oak streets East of Lincoln street, near downtown Stockton.

Delta Protective Services vehicles are equipped with 2-way radios, emergency lighting systems and a one-million candlepower spotlight.  Uniformed security officers will conduct several visual patrols of Weber Park each night and report any suspicious activity immediately to Stockton Police.

“I am happy for the opportunity to give back to the community that has so richly blessed us” said Lawrence Borgens, founder and president of Delta Protective Services.  “I felt compelled to donate to the City in this way after learning of the recent homicide in Sandman Park.  My hope is that other private security agencies will step up to the plate and choose to adopt a park also.”

Delta Protective Services will provide this service for a minimum commitment of one year.

Delta Protective Services will maintain a registry as each park is “adopted” by a private security agencies operating in the community.  If your agency would like to “adopt” a park then please contact our office.

Our mission is to provide high quality, specialized services that benefit the communities we serve.  Our commitment to be of service to the community is reflected in the services that we provide and the excellence with which we carry them out.

For additional information or copies please contact:

L. D. Borgens, CPS
Delta Protective Services
Office:  209/547-2980
Fax:      209/948-6533
141 E. Acacia Street
Stockton, CA  95202
State License: PPO11353 & PI18181
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Delta Protective Services is a licensed Private Security and Investigative agency serving the San Joaquin and Stanislaus county areas since 1993.


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